Nashville-based live event artist

Event Graphic Recording

Visually capture your event with live illustrations, also known as “graphic recording” or “sketchnotes.”

Your attendees will love the visual notes created before their eyes as your event unfolds. Available for virtual events and in-person events in the Nashville area and beyond.


How does this work?

1. Discuss

We’ll have a call to discuss your goals and event needs, determine project scope, and go over logistics and responsibilities.

2. Draw

Illustrator Emily Mills attends your in-person or virtual event and draws the content in real time. On or off stage, on or off camera… you decide!

3. Deliver

We’ll deliver digital files of the graphic recording or sketchnotes to you, usually by end of day or next business day.

4. Distribute

Once you have the files, you’re free to distribute them however you wish! Most clients send to attendees and share on social media.

Work Samples


Meet your event artist

I’m Emily Mills, and I’ll be your artist at your virtual or in-person event! Here’s a few fast facts about me:

  • I earned a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design
  • I’ve been a professional live event illustrator since 2015
  • I’ve sketched at over 70 live events and have created hundreds of graphic recordings and sketchnotes.
  • When I’m not taking visual notes myself, I’m teaching others how to do it! I teach workshops via my online school called Sketchnote Academy, and in my book, The Art of Visual Notetaking.

I can’t wait to hear more about your event and work with you soon! 

I’ve sketched for these brands:

Let's work together.