Event Graphic Recording

Visually capture your event with live illustrations, also known as “graphic recording” or “sketchnotes.”

Your attendees will love the visual notes created before their eyes as your event unfolds. Available for virtual events and in-person events in the USA and beyond. (We’re based in Bend, OR)


Our Process:

 1. Discuss

We’ll have a call to discuss your goals, determine scope, design a template using your branding, and go over event logistics and responsibilities.

2. Draw

We attend your in-person or virtual event and draw the content in real time. On or off stage, on or off camera… you decide!

3. Deliver

We’ll deliver digital files of the graphic recording or sketchnotes to you, usually by end of day or next business day.

4. Distribute

Once you have the files, you’re free to distribute them however you wish! Most clients send to attendees and share on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your capabilities/services?
  • Graphic Recording/Sketchnotes: We take visual notes during sessions like keynotes, panels, workshops, and trainings.
  • Interactive Murals: For in-person events, we can design murals your event attendees can interact with by writing, drawing, or adding post-its. This is a great way to get attendee feedback and quotes to use in your research or marketing. 
  • Event graphics: Hire us to create animated videos or illustrate graphics for presentations. 
What's your pricing?

We charge a flat fee for our services in increments of half-day, full-day, and extended day. If you have a short event that’s under 3 hours, we’ll create a custom quote for you. Please submit our contact form and we can get an estimate to you ASAP.

On top of our service fees, the client is responsible for covering materials, travel costs, lodging, and meals. We also have add-on services like timelapses and animation. (scroll down for more info!)

How can we display your work to our attendees while you're working?
In-Person Events:

If we’re working analog on foam boards, we can display the finished boards on easels in hallways, the back of the room, or common areas. We can also create display pyramids if you have a high-volume event with 6 or more sessions. Some event planners have a camera on our board while we work to capture us working.

If we’re working digitally on an iPad, we can display the canvas via an HDMI cord or screen sharing, and we can share the final images for use on larger screens. Your event producer should have what we need to display the artwork both while it’s being created and after its finished. When we display live drawings digitally, you won’t see the brush menus or any tool selections- all you’ll see is the canvas and the strokes being made.

Virtual Events:

You can use zoom or other event management software to display our screen while we’re working, or share the final image when you’re ready. We can work with your event producer to make sure they have everything from us they might need. When we display live drawings digitally, you won’t see the brush menus or any tool selections- all you’ll see is the canvas and the strokes being made.

How do we use/display the visual notes once they're done?

Great question! We have some good ideas for you in this PDF.

What deliverables do I get and when?
Analog/In-Person Events:

If we’re working analog on foam boards, you get to take all boards home, plus we’ll take digital photos of each board and send the files to you so you have a digital copy. Final files are usually delivered same or next business day.

Digital/Virtual Events:

You get the final files of the digitally created sketchnotes. Final files are usually delivered same or next business day.


If you purchased add-on services such as a timelapse, animated GIF, or animated video, these will also be delivered to you in the timeframe agreed upon in the contract. 

Can I get vector files?

As long as you specify this need beforehand, we can usually accommodate this request if the graphic recording is made on iPad. You’ll receive the final vector artwork on a single layer file. We do not give clients “working files” or the layered original files unless purchased separately. 

Are you familiar with my topic/industry?

You might be surprised, but the artist doesn’t have to understand your topic in order to take great notes! The artist works directly from spoken content, not from their own understanding. 

Still, we’ll work with you to ensure your event is a good fit for our services and our artist is comfortable with the nature of your content. We also ask for industry terms and abbreviations on our onboarding call to make sure we aren’t caught by surprise! 

After graphic recording for a decade, we’ve taken notes on dozens of topics including AI, start-ups, tech and trends, economy, stocks and trading, finance and taxes, hospitals and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, business, sales, marketing, training, design, utilities, city planning, construction, leadership, churches and non-profits, teachers and students, higher education, recruiting and retention, marriage, personal growth and healing, food and farming, and more! 

Can you work from recordings?

Yes! If your event has already happened OR you have pre-recorded sessions, I’m happy to work from recordings as long as the audio is clear. I have created sketchnotes from pre-recorded conferences, meetings, webinars, podcasts, and videos. 

Work Samples


Meet Your Event Artist

I’m Emily Mills, and I’ll be your artist at your virtual or in-person event! Here’s a few fast facts about me:

I can’t wait to hear more about your event and work with you soon! 

Add-On Services

Consider the add-on options below to keep your graphics working for you! Contact for quote.

Timelapse Video

Get a video of your digital graphic recordings being created. We can also add your logo and music.

Animated Graphic Recording

Add motion to your graphics to stop the scroll.

Animated Video with Voiceover

We’ll create a video with a professional voiceover summarizing the best parts of your graphic recording.

Some of our live event clients:

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