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Before I settled on the illustration niche in 2021, I did a lot of graphic design, branding, and marketing work in my corporate roles and as a freelancer. Click for examples.

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Job Responsibility: Work closely with the Art Director and other team members to produce in-app content, video content, style guides, branding, and marketing materials.

Event Design

Examples from two live event design projects

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Role Description: Event design, planning, and execution.

Creative Contribution

I have worked remotely with teams and clients since 2015. Here’s how I can be a creative contribution to your team…

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Job Responsibility: Participate in brainstorming sessions, project kickoffs, and design critiques, offering your unique insights and creative solutions.

Animated Video

Here’s a project where I collaborated with a client in Malawi, a voiceover artist, and my animator on an animated video used to get grant funding.

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Role Description: Use design and illustration to ignite transformation and start meaningful conversations about important ideas in business, society, and culture.


Design Campaigns

Here’s a story (and project samples) outlining how I can come into your organization, learn the brand, and create consistent visuals to internal and external campaigns succeed.

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Role Description:

  • Develop social campaigns and promotional assets.

  • Assist with the execution of marketing and brand campaign initiatives

Range of Work

See the range of my skills with these select projects:

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Job Responsibility:Bring a dynamic range of penmanship and line work to the table.

Additional Work Samples:

Past illustration clients include: