Book Illustration

Adults like pictures, too.

Adding illustrations to your book is the perfect way to add interest and help your readers understand & recall your ideas.

FYI: We do not do children’s books.

How does this work?

Many writers are unsure about the process of hiring an illustrator. If you’re feeling like a fish out of water, you’re not alone! This is the typical process:

1. Write

Write the book!

2. Edit

Hire a professional to edit your manuscript and suggest changes.

👇 Where we come in: 👇

3. Illustrate

Bringing us in at this stage means we won’t have to make any changes to the illustration because your text is fully edited and won’t change. If you have a book team, your designer won’t have to re-do the whole layout to incorporate late-addition illustrations. 

Browse our Illustration Style Guide

4. Design

A book designer (not us!) formats the text and illustrations.

5. Print & Publish

Your article or book is printed and distributed. Congrats!

Some Books We’ve Illustrated

What writers say:

Emily went above and beyond with my book illustrations. I didn't have to overthink any of my ideas. She's creative and it translated into her work. It made my book feel more complete. You get me and my vision. I felt safe with your work being a part of a project that is so personal to me.

Maya Elious

Built To Impact LLC

Your illustrations are essential for my business, and a difficult concept to illustrate! I appreciated your willingness to listen and flexibility when changes needed to be made. You came up with some awesome creative solutions, and you are prompt and meet deadlines. You were a breeze to collaborate with.

Gloria Ginn

Founder, School of Better Eyesight

Let's work together.