Book Illustration

Adults like pictures in their books, too.

Adding illustrations to your adult nonfiction book is the perfect way to add interest and help your readers understand & recall your ideas.

FYI: We do not do children’s books.

How does this work?

Many authors are unsure about the process of hiring an illustrator. If you’re feeling like a fish out of water, you’re not alone! This is the typical process:

1. Write

Sit down and write the dang book!

2. Edit

Hire a professional to edit your manuscript and suggest changes.

Where we come in:

3. Illustrate

Bringing us in at this stage means we won’t have to make any changes to the illustration text or concepts because they’ve been through editing, and your book designer won’t have to re-do the whole layout to incorporate late-addition illustrations. 

Browse our Illustration Style Guide

4. Design

A designer formats the text and illustrations.

5. Print & Publish

Your book is printed and distributed. Congrats, author!

Books We’ve Illustrated

What authors say:

Emily went above and beyond with my book illustrations. I didn't have to overthink any of my ideas. She's creative and it translated into her work. It made my book feel more complete. You get me and my vision. I felt safe with your work being a part of a project that is so personal to me.

Maya Elious

Built To Impact LLC

Your illustrations are essential for my business, and a difficult concept to illustrate! I appreciated your willingness to listen and flexibility when changes needed to be made. You came up with some awesome creative solutions, and you are prompt and meet deadlines. You were a breeze to collaborate with.

Gloria Ginn

Founder, School of Better Eyesight

Let's work together.