Editorial Illustration

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41.1% of marketers say original graphics like illustrations outperform stock photos and videos. 

Illustrations add interest to your content and help people remember your ideas. 

Our Illustration Process


Write your article, newsletter, blog post, etc., or at least provide a thorough outline of your main ideas.

You’re free to include any direction for the illustrations that you have in mind! 

Discovery Trial

We’ll work with you to create a unique character illustration, style, or system that matches your brand. Once we have an established style, we can create consistent illustrations for you.

This step is required before we take you on as a regular retainer client. 


We can create illustrations for you now that we have an established style. We complete the work in batches to deliver consistently, which helps you plan ahead and stay on a regular publishing schedule.

We can rarely accommodate week-of illustration requests. 

Is this for me?

Am I a good fit?

Our services are ideal for…

  • Established writers/businesses with a clear message or positioning
  • Writers/businesses who publish consistently (weekly or 4x a month at a minimum)
  • Writers/businesses who want their content to be visualized so it becomes more memorable and sharable.

Interested in a quote?

What writers say:

Emily’s illustration work is not an add-on for me but rather an essential component of reflecting the passionate ideas I want to communicate. I formulate a perspective—an initial idea—but she then takes the words and finishes my thinking by giving the reader a visual framework on which the words can hang…and stay in their mind forever. 

David C. Baker

Author, Speaker, Advisor, punctuation.com

Your illustrations are essential for my business, and a difficult concept to illustrate! I appreciated your willingness to listen and flexibility when changes needed to be made. You came up with some awesome creative solutions, and you are prompt and meet deadlines. You were a breeze to collaborate with.

Gloria Ginn

Founder, School of Better Eyesight

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