Sketchnotes. Graphic Recording. Visual Summaries. Journey Maps. 

You might not know what to call it, but you know you want it!

Illustrations and text paired together is a match made in heaven where everyone wins! If you want to stand out and experience higher levels of engagement, this is for you.



    These small, simple illustrations have 150 words or fewer plus illustrations. They often cover the outline or highlights of a larger, more in-depth piece such as an article, video, or podcast episode. These work great as teaser images!


    • Ads
    • Social media images
    • Handouts and promos
    Starting at $400

     Full Pages (letter or A4)

    These illustrations are suited to cover longer-form content in more depth. They are most often oriented horizontally and sized for screens or letter-sized/A4 paper. They are best used paired  as a companion piece to in-depth content such as a book, process, speech, video, or podcast episode. These pieces have a 250 word max for 8.5×11″ sizes.


    • Book Summary Illustration
    • Process Illustration
    • Journey Maps/Vision Maps
    • Keynote/speech handout
    Starting at $750

    Live Notetaking

    Also known as “sketchnoting” or “graphic recording,” these illustrations are taken live, in real-time during a speech or presentation either in-person or virtual.

    Animation Add-On

    Want some extra eyes 👀 on your project? Add motion to any visualization for an extra fee.


    Starting at $175

    Illustrated Explainer Video

    Forget the static page and let your ideas come to life through illustrated videos! We’ll review your script and optimize it for video, create storyboards, and craft your video using illustration and motion graphics.


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