Illustration + Animation

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) 
Mentoring Guidelines

About the Client

AAHA is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. Practices that choose to pursue accreditation are evaluated on stringent quality standards that encompass all aspects of veterinary medicine—from pain management and patient care to team training and medical recordkeeping—and are continuously updated to keep accredited practice teams at the forefront of the profession. AAHA found our work through a colleague recommendation. 

About the Project

AAHA publishes white papers as resources for their members. While helpful, the information can be a little dry and not visually interesting. AAHA hired us to create an illustrated summary of the PDF to entice people to read the document instead of ignoring it. 


The AAHA team created a word document highlighting the most important information from the Mentoring Guidelines and stayed within our 250-word max for this particular canvas size.

Our team worked to create a rough draft to meet the desired outcomes. Once the summary illustration was completed, we animated it to a voiceover. Having an animated version of the piece allows AAHA to share the content on more platforms, increasing its reach and visibility. 


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