The Alter Ego Effect: Book Illustrations

Emily worked with Todd Herman to create illustrations in his latest book.

Project Lead

Emily Mills


Todd Herman and I were connected in the summer of 2018 by mutual friends. Todd was writing “The Alter Ego Effect” and needed someone to execute the illustrations of his concept models.
The book is about “The power of secret identities to transform your life.”  This book is one any generation can appreciate and my illustration work helps the reader understand a complex, layered concept. 


To visualize the model.


The only real challenge was determining how to do a drawing of technical model and make it look accurate with the hand-drawn aesthetic. The model was too complex to draw by “eyeballing” it, so instead I created a 3D model (with and without layer gaps) with my vector illustration software, then drew over it with my drawing program to get the hand-drawn feel and keep the accuracy.



The book launched in February 2019 to great reviews! You can learn more at