Dr. Maya Jane Bates

About the Client

Dr. Maya Jane bates is has

About the Project

Jane hired us to create an animated video to tell the story of patients in Malawi with advanced cancer, and show the huge need for palliative care in low-income countries around the world.

Jane shared her local knowledge and insight, research, and photos to help us create the characters, clothing, and settings. We also hired a local Malawian woman for the voiceover. 


We determined the color palette for the video using photos and documents Jane sent us plus the Malawi flag colors.

Jane had created a rough script already, so we went through and adapted it for animated video, identifying “lulls” and “surges” when not enough or too much was happening on screen. When the script was finalized, we hired a local Malawian woman to record the voiceover, instructing her on desired tone and pace.

Next is storyboarding. All of our storyboard ideas start with pencil on paper. Once we have a rough version one pencilled in, we sketch a more thorough version two and make animation notes. After the client reviews version two of the storyboard, we make any necessary changes.

When storyboard is completely approved, we begin working on illustrating the animation assets. For this project, all animation assets were created in Adobe Fresco on the iPad.

Once all the assets are completed, we can begin the animation process using Adobe AfterEffects.

Pencil sketch:

Version 2:

Final Video:


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