Article Illustrations

We created article images for, a company that does website development & marketing for non-profits, associations, & societies.


Emily Mills


Creative Process


Emily Mills met with John, President at Site Steward, to discuss character style and goals for article illustrations. John was looking for regular illustration work to accompany the insights published on John also mentioned that he’d always envisioned the company’s logo character as a robot with treads.


  • Adobe Fresco
  • Adobe Illustrator

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Character Process

We came up with 3-5 character concepts to be the face of Site Steward. We asked John about the brand and made sure the characters could fit in with current brand elements, colors, and styles. All characters were on the simple side, used smooth lines with round edges, and used halftone as shading.

John chose the robot as the final character concept. We discussed some possible shortfalls with using the robot (or “logobot” as we call him) that may pose a challenge (such as inability to show drastic emotions, inability to point with claw hands, and limited body actions due to treads), and decided the robot would be a helper character to humans when necessary.

Article Illustration Process

With the charaacter design set, we can more easily create an illustration style guide and create article illustrations as needed. 

John presents an article outline or rough draft, and from that we create 3-4 roght concepts for the illustration. John comes back to us with a chosen concept and any edits or suggestions. We then create a final version.