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About the Client

Peter C. Atherton helps leaders and high-achievers stay relevant and effective, and helps growth-oriented organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent and clients in the AEC industry and beyond.

About the Sketchnote

Peter wanted a visual summary to share the solutions offered in his book in a new, engaging, and differentiated way. Emily worked with Pete through the drafting process to capture all of the vital content from each chapter. 

Too many people, especially leaders and high-achievers, continue to feel burned out and disengaged. I saw Emily’s great work and sensed her caring and generous spirit, and chose to work with her for this summary. I am excited to share the solutions offered in my book in a new, engaging, and differentiated way! I loved Emily’s process and her great ability to bring written ideas and details to life visually. 

Peter C. Atherton

President and Founder, ActionsProve

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