Conference Coloring Mural

We created a custom mural that attendees could color in over a 3-day conference.

Design Lead

Joseph Mills



A&M Events for
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee

Creative Process


Emily had worked with A&M Events for a previous mural, and they graciously reached out again for our help with a conference mural for Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee.

The client wanted a scene of kids playing for a color-in mural that would also serve as a photo wall backdrop at thier state-wide conference.


We put together a rough layout of the scene and characters. The client had a few minor changes like swapping out the logo and adding puppies (since they were having puppies at the event). We also added more small details for people to color in. The second line art draft was approved a week before the event.

The morning of the event, we met the client at the venue where we projected the artwork onto foamcore boards and traced it.

project tools

Joseph used Procreate to draw the draft artwork and place the logo into the scene.

We traced the mural with black Neuland permanent markers so the attendee’s washable markers wouldn’t bleed with the black line art. The client’s logo was colored with a water-based Neuland colored marker.

First Draft

Final Draft

Final Mural