How I can help

Creative Contribution

I believe the best ideas are birthed from collaborative group participation, not only individual genius. When we can say “Yes, and…” to an idea and build on it, it gets better and everyone wins. I also love drawing during meetings (it is the skill I’m most known for after all!) because I believe in the power of seeing ideas, not just talking about them.

I’m not a timid person. When first collaborating with new people and teams I love to listen and absorb so I can understand (and not prematurely jump in!) I love to share ideas and be helpful. I know the value of my creative ideas: I’m confident to share and accept feedback. 

As an artist working commercially since 2010, I’ve developed a thick skin and understand the separation of idea and person. If someone critiques my work, it’s not personal (or shouldn’t be!). I’m always open to feedback so I can learn and grow, and the product can become better.