Illustration + Design

Infographics + PDF Guides

Emily worked with Campaign Monitor and Emma to create 8 infographics for blogs and social channels.

Design Lead

Emily Mills



Emily was asked to help Campaign Monitor with some creative projects as they transitioned into new branding. Campaign Monitor is a parent company of several email marketing brands, and Emily worked specifically with Emma and Campaign Monitor.

project tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Emma Illustration System


Emily met with the Campaign Monitor team in Nashville to get up to speed on the new brand guides and learn about their goals. These first projects with the new implemented branding would help inspire and shape future work, so it was crucial to get the look, tone and feel nailed down. The infographics were new territory- there were very few existing brand resources to pull from, so the work was challenging but exciting. The PDF guides were a refresh- The CM team updated content and data, and Emily applied the new branding and designed some new layouts.

Campaign Monitor’s simple aesthetic allowed Emily to create her own illustrations as there were very few existing brand resources to pull from. Emma’s new branding utilizes an illustration system, so Emily pulled from that resource for each project.