Journey Map Illustration

Cool Spring Church

About the Client

Cool Spring is a Baptist church located in Virginia. Their leadership team created a pathway for kids to take within the church and ministries from the time they’re born until the graduate high school. Children reach new milestones along their journey.

About the Journey Map

Cool Spring did the work of mapping their ministry capabilities and planning the ideal pathway and milestones. They hired us to create a single visual to communicate to parents where their kids might fall in the journey, and what they have to look forward to.


This project followed our standard 4-draft process:

  • Draft 1 is focused on finding a winning page layout
  • Draft 2 is focused on mapping and adding the content
  • Draft 3 is focused on illustrations and final content
  • Draft 4 is focused on finalizing the details.

One important visual highlight is the child growing on each trasition point, and the transition point (a bridge, a ropy bridge, and a log) becoming more and more difficult to cross. This is a visual metaphor for the complexities of life increasing as we age.

What starts out as a messy sketch ends up as a cohesive journey map!

Final Image

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