Logo + Website

Emily worked with The Halls to create a new personal brand and a modern, responsive website to help them share their music and videos, and communicate with their audience.

Design Lead

Emily Mills


Creative Process


The Halls are a missionary family based in Franklin, TN. In additional to local responsibilities in ministry and music, Ryan and Karen also travel in the US and Europe as worship leaders.

The Halls wanted a simple logo and refreshed website to look more modern and function as a hub to share new music, videos, and tours.


Emily met with Ryan to discuss the Hall’s vision, brand, and desired outcome. Working through the client questionnaire, together we discovered brand values, mission, and what the visual brand should look and feel like. 

project tools

Designing the logo

Emily sketched many concepts and presented the strongest concepts that fit the brief.

The four front-runner concepts all centered around the idea of home, which is central to the Halls brand. The main front-runner became apparent, the house + sea concept.

This concept was created to show the Halls home state of California and a house on the sea. The concept also symbolizes that home can be wherever the currents of life take you, and you can find and create home wherever you are.

We adapted the size to a perfect hexagon and adjusted the typography to be stacked instead of nested as it was in the original concept.

Determining Brand Colors

The Halls already knew they liked blues and neutral earth tones. Once the logo concept was chosen, the colors were fairly straightforward as they were inspired by colors of the sea, sand, and coral. We also took color inspiration from a painting used on The Halls latest album.

Final Logo:

The old website:

The new website: