Icon Design

Icons for Metaswitch

As part of a rebrand project led by an agency, I was subcontracted to design a set of 68 icons for Metswitch. 

Project Lead

Emily Mills


I was subcontracted on behalf of a now-defunct agency for this project

About the Client

Metaswitch is a Microsoft company that provides the industry’s most resilient, best-supported, carrier-grade products for voice, data, and unified communications services.

About the project

Metaswitch was being rebranded to have a more cohesive and updated look. The company was already extensively using icons throughout their internal and external communications (to create network diagrams or to represent Metaswitch products in other images) so much as they had a 20-page usage guide!

My task was to update this icon set to the new branding and simplify the usage guide. 



  • Not user-friendly: Metaswitch had a vast iconography system with a 20-page user guide. This would be user-friendly for designers… but designers weren’t the people using the icons for the most part.
  • Color: The icons were all colors of the rainbow. There were not always reasons for color changes.
  • Branding: The icons didn’t account for branded products with their own icons and color requirements. 
  • Scalability: Many icons did not scale well to small sizes.


Project wins:

  • User-friendly: Icon rules were re-written and relaxed so any employee could correctly use the icons without having to read a 20-page document. 
  • Color: The icons were aligned to the new brand colors of blue and orange, and the colors were chosen intentionally based on use-case or department/division. 
  • Branding: The new icon set allowed for other brands to be integrated without style disruption. 
  • Scalability: All icons were tested in small sizes for recognition and usability.