Design, Illustration

Picture Your Career: Book Formatting & Illustrations

Emily created the cover design, illustrations, and interior book design for Picture Your Career: Visualize and plan your career path by Katherine Brooks and Grace Foy of the Vanderbilt Career Center. 

Design Lead

Emily Mills


About the Client:

The Vanderbilt Career Center is a free service for all Vanderbilt students to help them plan their career path and gain clarity about thier future. The career center offers multiple programs and opportunities, including coaching, recruiting, career fairs, jobs and internships, and online resources.

Project Goals:

The career center received a grant which enabled them to create this free resource workbook. The entire goal of the workbook is to use visual thinking techniques to discover strengths, develop  vision, design a path forward, and deliver talent. 


“It’s Free?!”

As of May 2021, Picture Your Career has been downloaded more than 9,000 times since it was first published in July 2020. (download for free here) The creative commons license allows users to freely print and reproduce the content. Career Coaches and Counselors across higher education institutions were wowed!


Picture Your Career is a 2021 recipient of the NACE/Chevron Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement for innovative programs in the college career services field. Vanderbilt recieved a $1,000 cash prize, which Brooks and Foy have donated to the Career Center. In addition, Vanderbilt will receive a trophy and be celebrated through several avenues by NACE, including a feature in a future issue of the NACE Journal.

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