Podcast Artwork for John Meese

We designed the podcast artwork the podcast “Survive and Thrive Interviews with John Meese.”

Design Lead

Emily Mills


John Meese

About the client:

John Meese is a traditionally-trained economist turned serial entrepreneur, author, and now podcaster! John’s mission is to help first-time entrepreneurs build thriving businesses from scratch through practical, actionable articles, interviews, and videos.



John approached us to help with his podcast art after Emily created the illustrations for his new book, “Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One).” John wanted the podcast to be text-focused, primarily black and white, and use his brand color as an accent. John provided a few examples of what he didn’t want along with examples of podcast art he liked.

Early Drafts:

Even though John asked for a text focus in the design, Emily wanted to bring in some subtle visuals to help inform and add visual interest. To our delight, John agreed and liked that concept more than the others by far.

Final Version:

After some feedback from John and some design optimization, the final artwork was complete. You can listen to John’s podcast here.

Emily is a phenomenal human being, a pleasure to work with, and always brings a creative professional approach to design projects. She is always open to constructive feedback, quick to incorporate my rough ideas into polished designs, and there’s way less time and headache than with other designers. I recommend hiring Flavor- your brand will be better off for it!

John Meese

Chief Education Officer, Meeseworks