Dr. Imran Lasker

About the Client

Dr. Imran Lasker is a Consultant Radiologist and podcaster working in the UK.

About the Project

Dr. Imran Lasker hired us to animate characters from his original poem, “The Radiologists Cave.” Dr. Lasker brilliantly adapted elements from the story “The Gruffalo” to create a humorous perspective on working in Radiology.


Dr. Lasker provided a voiceover file with the help of his friends, and we created storyboards to create a video plan. Joseph rebuilt Dr. Lasker’s illustrations and rigged them for movement.

On this particular project, Joseph discovered new uses for Puppet Warp (a tool in After Effects ) which will aid in making future projects more efficient. Joseph used animation tools from Battle Axe and Duik to prep files, rig characters, and facilitate movements.


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