Emily worked with Pastor Alan Burroughs of Emmanuel Temple Pentecostal Church in Boston to create an all-new brand.

Design Lead

Emily Mills



Emmanuel Temple Pentecostal Church

Creative Process


Emmanuel is an 87-year-old church in Boston, MA. This population mostly consists of Black, Jamaican, West Indies and nearby island descent. The neighborhood and church primarily consists of older people, but a revitalization is bringing in new and younger people. 

Pastor Alan Burroughs wanted 3 things:

  • A logo with a letter icon
  • To honor the past, embrace the future
  • To have new, younger people feel comfortable exploring the church community. 


Emily met with Pastor Alan to discuss the church’s history, vision, current brand, and desired outcome. Working through the client questionnaire, together we discovered brand values, mission, and what the visual brand should look and feel like.

project tools

  • Sketchbook + pen
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Early Drafts

Designing the logo

Emily sketched many concepts and presented the strongest concepts that fit the brief.

The front-runner concept was the “e” logo with hints of a compass, nodding to young people finding the church in a shifting neighborhood, and new visitors exploring the church to see if it’s a fit.

Determining Brand Colors

Pastor Alan’s peers really wanted to keep the reds and purples from the current church decorations, but he decided they needed to embrace the future and transition to new colors.

“I want the colors to have a modern feel, industrial, but also warm. A smooth energy, like the feeling you have whenyou walk into your favorite restaurant or hang-out. There’s energy, but you can relax. You feel like this is ‘our spot.'”

Final Logo: