Design + Animation

Sketchnote Academy Rebrand

Sketchnote Academy was rebranded in 2020 to reflect a more professional and academic direction.

Project Lead

Emily Mills (deisgn)
Joseph Mills (animation)

Creative Process


Sketchnote Academy needed a new brand that looked more professional and academic and would last for years.

project tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects


When I designed the original Sketchnote Academy logo in 2018, I knew it would be temporary. I just needed something as I built out the brand and courses and discovered what it needed to be. In December 2020 I set out to re-create the logo to something that reflected the professional quality of the products offered.

Once the new logo was designed, Joseph animated the logo for video and social uses.

Designing the logo

The old logo was designed to be a temporary placeholder as the brand grew and evolved. There were some hidden meanings built in, and a tagline was added, but over time, the logo just didn’t fit the direction of the business. It was too complicated and didn’t scale well in small sizes.

The new logo was designed to look professional and more academic to reflect the quality of the content and courses. The new logo was designed for many different uses and sizes while maintaining brand integrity.

old logo

New Logo + Animation