KANban workbook

Emily worked with Brendan Wovchko of HUGEio to create an all-new workbook based off of kanban presentation slides.

Design Lead

Emily Mills




Creative Process


The half-day “Starting Kanban” workshop needed a more structured workbook. Students received print-outs of the workshop slides with space to take their own notes. This felt overwhelming with the amount of content shared and students didn’t know what was important enough to write down. The new workbook would be fill-in-the-blank to help students focus on learning the material over writing everything down.


Emily met with Brendan to be a sounding board as he re-structured and reworked the workshop content. Over several hours, structure was determined that included: New section titles and subtitles, fill-in-the-blanks, quotes, and illustrations.

Once the meeting was over Brendan re-worked the workshop slides and sent them to Emily to build the workbook. The workbook went through about 10 iterations and several workshop tests before coming to a final printed version.

project tools

  • Keynote
  • Adobe InDesign

Old Workbook

New Workbook