Revision Process

Non-live Sketchnotes, Illustrated Summaries, and Journey Maps follow this revision process:

Draft 1: Layout

The purpose of this draft is to get the layout drafted and locked in before I begin adding in final content. This stage determines how the content fits or if any cuts need to be made. This rough layout will not include detailed drawings or final text. Once I have approval on a layout, I’ll move to draft 2.

Draft 2: Style

The purpose of this draft is to finalize the layout with the finalized content (text and images). This is a greyscale rough draft but may include some color.

This draft is focused on making sure the images appropriate and properly illustrate the point. This is the last stage to make big overall changes to the layout, content, and images.

Draft 3: Detail

The purpose of this draft is to show all final content in place. Text and images should be final or close to final. Color may be partial or full depending on the state of the content’s approval. Once I have approval, I’ll move on to the last draft.

Draft 4: Final

This is the final version of the file and the last opportunity to make minor changes.


Additional Revision Policy

If major revisions or drafts are needed outside of what is listed above, the final invoice may need to be adjusted to compensate for the extra time and work. You will be informed before that becomes the case. No invoice surprises!