We do custom graphics for corporate live events and meetings


Our typical client has an established brand and a well-crafted message, and they’re looking for a unique delivery method.

You’ve put a lot of work into planning your upcoming event and you don’t want the content to be forgotten. Perhaps your current keynotes and webinars are falling flat and you’re looking for new ways to excite and engage your attendees.

We’ve worked with experts like you and… we get it! The world is changing fast and the old “tried and true” methods of reaching people aren’t so tried and true anymore. We’re eager to get to know you and learn how we can partner together for your success.


We’re here to make your event a standing-ovation-success… even after it’s over! Here’s how we can partner together:



  • Graphic Recording and Sketchnotes
  • Interactive Event Installations
    • These are large boards created to engage attendees during breaks and down-times. They can be a good tool to engage introvers and can be a valuable data-gathering tool! Examples are coloring walls, question stations, write-on sections, photo backdrops, and feedback gathering. 
  • Murals


  • Videos: Overviews, explainers, introductions, closing, hype, etc.
  • Character/Mascot animations
  • Logo animations
  • Subtle motion backgrounds for slides
  • Wait screens, transition graphics, lower thirds, and more!