We do illustration and animation for innovative businesses and events.

Our typical client has an established brand and message, but is looking for a unique delivery method.

You’ve put a lot of time into your brand and your message, but the information you’re trying to share is often complex and may be hard for your audience to absorb. Your message isn’t connecting using the old methods, and your zoom meetings, powerpoints, and handouts are falling flat. You’re looking for a way to share your message in a way that’s easy to digest and memorable… you’re just not sure how to accomplish this.

We’ve worked with small businesses and global brands like yours, and we get it! We know what you need to do and how to get there. Let’s talk and we’ll show you!



  • Article, Email, & Editorial illustrations
  • Book Illustrations
  • Brand illustrations
  • Live Event Illustration (graphic recording, sketchnoting)
  • Visual summaries (journey maps, processes, timelines)
  • Illustrated portraits
  • Logo animation
  • Character design & animation
  • Explainer videos, process videos